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1)A player with a bossy attitude.
2)Or mostly, the boss of all Playas.
Dhem boyz Suge Knight and Tupac are some real boss playas.
by Boss Playa May 22, 2006
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A certain feminine hairstyle in which they tie a two long strand of hair together on the right and left side of their heads, leaving them to dangle down on either sides of their face.Each strands look likes a pig's tail,giving the hairstyle it's name.This is the most preferable hairstyle for a women to have while she and her sex parter ar preforming doggystyle sex.This is because it allows the man to grab both pig tails with each one of his hand,stablizing the woman who is currently taking it up the ass,allowing gor better handling during doggystyle sex while the man pounds that fat bubble ass.
Damn dawg,Suzie's pig tails really made goggystyle my favorite postition.We had MAD sex,and i buried my 7-inch cock inside her two bubble cheeks.
by Boss Playa May 22, 2006
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A fucking hot grown Mexican lady(mexicanlust.com)who i would like to fuck so bad,man ill rock her pussy to sleep,and divide her to thick bubble cheecks into half wit my fat 7-inch cock,all make her moan so load,all of Mexico will hear her.Damn,Mexican grow women ar so fucking hot.
Bob:Dude, i saw Mexican Lust last night on TV,and i nearlly cummed just from her sight.

Scott:Really,do u have a pic??

Bob:Yea sure,here.

Scott:HHHOOLLYY SHHIT!!!!!!will u please excuse me for a second?

(Quietly but exictedly Scott walks to the other room and nearly cums all over the place.)

Bob:AWW,u got some one my face!
by Boss Playa May 22, 2006
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