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Completely destroying something but in a good way so that it leaves people happier. Doing something outrageous, blasphemous or dangerous that is scary while happening but things get more fun when it's over. Turn thingsin a more loud and altogether different direction. Cool on the Bleeding Edge.
My pet python got out of his cage and eristoffed the whole party.

I didn't know the answers to my math test so I drew cartoons all over my answer sheeet and eristoffed it.

Paris Hilton in a confessional with the Pope, now that would eristoff his career.

She eristoffed my Life.

She eristoffs my head each time she lipteases me.
by Bosex September 17, 2008

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A kind of swagger in a person who walks like a duck
You can always recognize a happy Charlie Chaplin by his distinctive qwagga
by Bosex September 17, 2008

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