3 definitions by Bored Guy

Queen of the shiny face and most likely the greatest fan of a capella ever.
Let's go hang out with Alina cuz we are bored.
by Bored Guy January 24, 2005
Slang for showing someone the middle finger.
Originally a taunt created by the English. During wars between the French and the English, the French would cut of the English captives' middle fingers to disable their bowmen. English bowmen would show French soldiers their middle finger to mean, "you didn't get me."
Eventually evolved (in America only) to mean "Up yours," and later switched definitions to "F*** you."
That bastard gave me the finger!
by Bored Guy March 18, 2005
Someone who offends people while they are having sex.
Bob is doing IT with Amanda. Amanda says your a dickhead. Amanda is now a registered sex offender
by Bored Guy August 20, 2020