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Alyissa's are some of the most beautiful humans know to any living beings. Alyissa is a girl that is most of the time sweet, but can be somewhat sour, meaning she can have bad days. She is a funny and charming girl and any guy would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend, or wife. Anyone is lucky to have an Alyissa has their friend. She is loyal and sweet, she cares for you,more than she cares for her own self at times. She will always have your back and you will never be able to stay mad at her. This is mostly medium height girl. Sometimes Alyissa's take things the wrong way, even when it is not intended to come out that way, nor said that way. Alyissa's are usually blonde, yet sometimes they can be brown-heads. But ALL Alyissa's are flawlessly perfect.
Landon : Dang! She is a bombshell.
Zack : She is a beauty.
Andrew : Of course she is, she is Alyissa
by Booty Twerker January 07, 2013
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A really cute Marine who vines. He raps and tries to sing, though he should stick to the rapping. He has a really nice body, but needs to tan more. Probably has a big weiner. Thank you for your service.
Snotty girl one: Halffamous is so hot!
Snotty girl two: He probably has a small cock though! I hear he does steroids. Look at how big his arms are.
Snotty girl one: Oh yeah, he def does steroids.

Smart girl: Its called working out dipshits.
by Booty Twerker April 10, 2015
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