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When your main course meal arrives at a restaurant and you instantly regret the order after seeing the plate of someone else that appears far more appetizing.
Tony: Wow, I'm having some serious entre envy after seeing your chicken parm.

Deloris: Yeah, this is going to be way better than the clams casino that you ordered.
by BootBanger September 01, 2011

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Your buddy that will succumb to only the slightest amount of peer pressure due to the overwhelming belief in the mantra YOLO (You Only Live Once). This buddy usually gets into very precarious situations due to overconfidence that commonly end in negative results. Yolo Bros behave much like Gremlins; only it's booze that will entice them after midnight, as apposed to food in the case of Gremlins.
Professor: What happened to Skindogg after I left the bar last night?
Knuts: Oh man, he turned into a Yolo Bro right before last call and ended up pissing his bed again.
by BootBanger November 17, 2011

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Taking a dump in a flower pot because you are not in the vicinity of a water closet. Usually occurs after last call at a bar when you are walking home and get the bubble guts.
Kelton: Dude, I'm about to drop a hot load in my drawers if I don't get to a shitter soon.

Barber: There's a planter over there with some nice leaves to wipe with.

Kelton: Thanks bro, guess I'll have to take a Flower Pot Squat.
by BootBanger November 17, 2011

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