3 definitions by Bompfedcreator

'Surfing the Crimson Wave' is when the girl period in a sock and you then use it as a condom
James: I wanted to try something new with my girl so she suggested 'surfing the Crimson wave'! Never again!
by Bompfedcreator June 18, 2016
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The feeling of absolute euphoria after taking a glorious shit
Oh man, I was feeling awful before that but that was incredible! Fucking bompfed mate!
by Bompfedcreator June 16, 2016
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The remains of smeg left in a female's vagina after sex and after not washing the penis
Julia, I met this guy last night and he gave me a digestive muffin! Never again.
by Bompfedcreator June 16, 2016
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