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Is the most UNFUNNY website there is,they are also known for coming up with the STUPIDEST word in the english language LULZ.They disguise themselves in the form of wiki
and write articles even less funny then drawn together,They typically like to make fun of such things as VA Tech,The Holocaust,and of course the most deserving of all 9/11.
John:Hey Jack have you seen Encyclopedia Dramatica's page on
Jack:Oh yeah It was hilarious I mean whats more funny than talking about extremists hijacking planes then crashing them into buildings and killing 3000 people,oh and even more funny a group of people trying to stop a plane from crashing into the white house who prevail but still end up crashing in a field! Oh and what really had me cracking up was them talking about people crying because all they have left of their loved on is a charred arm!God I almost died laughing!
by BodegaB February 29, 2008

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A really nice coffee chain that is a million times better than starbucks and something only we Seattleites and Portlanders have!So dont you New Dorkers and Los Assholeans
try to steal it!
John:Lets go to Starbucks!
Jill:Are you nuts we're in Seattle we can get wayyy better and Cheaper!
John:So we're do we go?
Jill:Where do you think!
John:Ohhh Tullys!
Jill:Thats right now lets go!
by BodegaB February 29, 2008

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