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A Lesbian Sleepover occurs when two heterosexual individuals, who might otherwise engage in sexual activity, opt to spend the night cuddling. The next morning is often a continuation of the non-sexual contact, with slight arousal and intermittent dry humping. In extreme cases, an over-the-pants hand job may be introduced. It is important to note that absence of penetration is replaced with frequent, if not constant discussions. The only known cure for a Lesbian Sleepover is gabblejacking, which tears down the hookup barrier instantaneously.
Girl: "I'm too tired to hook up. Let's just have a Lesbian Sleepover."
Guy: "What are the chances I can get an OTPHJ?"
Girl: "Depends if you fall asleep first."
by Bobcat8305 May 14, 2012
An occurrence that is baffling in nature and challenges reality; something that seems to bend the very fabric reality. A reference to the film "The Matrix".
Guy 1: "Did you see Matt's girlfriend? She's easily a 10!"
Guy 2: "Yah, he's fat and broke. It's a hole in the matrix, man."
by Bobcat8305 August 13, 2010