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The card dealer in the Three Card Monte con. Always promoted as a game of skill. The con artist uses three cards, usually two black spot cards and a red Queen. After placing a lengthwise crimp (bend) in them, he uses a tossing motion with both hands to mix the cards when throwing them facedown on the table. The mark is invited to guess where the Queen lands and is, of course, encouraged to place a wager. Monte hustlers usually work as a team, with a lookout and a third member who acts as a shill to win money and get the crowd involved in the betting.

The big money in this scam comes at the end through a sucker bet. The card dealer (also known as a "broad tosser" because of the action of tossing the Queen) appears to inadvertently place a bend on the corner of the red Queen. The shill informs the mark of this mistake and promises huge profits. What the mark doesn't know is that the card tosser now removes the bend from the red Queen and places an identical bend on one of the black spot cards. Once the mark looses all of his money the scam is moved to another location.
Before being appointed President by the U.S. Supreme Court, George "Dubya" Bush was a broad-tosser in several Texas-based investment schemes. He now applies his well-honed skills at the international level.
by Bob Martin July 12, 2004
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Southern term for food that has spoiled
My I think that potato salad was blinkey, I do not feel well now.
by Bob Martin March 22, 2005
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thimble rigger: One who cheats by thimblerigging, or tricks of legerdemain. 1. Also known as a shell game: A game, usually involving gambling, in which a person hides a small object underneath one of three nutshells, thimbles, or cups, then shuffles them about on a flat surface while spectators try to guess the final location of the object. Also called thimblerig. 2. A fraud or deception perpetrated by shifting conspicuous things to hide something else.
"Their notions of justice more closely resemble that of the sidewalk thimble rigger."
by Bob Martin July 11, 2004
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