4 definitions by Bob Dobbs

amd-using geek who likes wordhentai/word and talking on irc.
He's such a hakubi!
by Bob Dobbs August 31, 2003
the antiquity of this word dates back all the way back...waaay back to the era when the young and tight crustations were forming into the alien robots which took the divinely noun-heavy novels from the future and burned them so that they and their family friends whom kill devoid of compunction can enjoy the fine eats at Maggie's on 42nd.
I hope the bogus futility of M@W ontology will save us from the lava.
by Bob Dobbs July 31, 2004
In the singular usage it more generally refers to a person holding French citizenship. More specifically, to a Frenchman holding an opinion that is deemed (by the listener) as unsupportive - especially regarding foreign policy or military matters.

It refers to the supposed cultural habits of Frenchmen - cheese eating and surrendering when any slight agressive action is taken towards them or their country. It is considered perjorative in any sense.
No war in Iraq? What are they thinking, those damn Cheese eating surrender monkeys?
by Bob Dobbs April 11, 2003
A no-name school that has no 'rep' or credibility in the world of American high school policy debate. Especially from a rural area.
A: Who did you hit last round?

B: East Bumblefuck High. It was a face crush.
by Bob Dobbs November 12, 2004