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When you cum in her hand while she's asleep andthen tickel her nose with a feather so she slaps it all over her face.....she got feather busted
She passed at the party and they feather busted her
by BoS October 23, 2015
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This guy who would never admit he sat alone in the dark of his bedroom and watched hentai anime porn to no end. He also ran a second-rate Xenogears website with extreme jealousy and hatred for others.
Dark Warlord: but not linking me was just -_-
by BoS June 05, 2003
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Alternate or backup liver, to be used when in a high-alcohol environment. To be used after your primary liver is filled to capacity.
When our boat got stuck in Key West I had to call in my STUNT LIVER.
by BoS March 30, 2005
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Out of style, old, not needed, outdated
"Myspace" is outmoded
by BoS August 08, 2015
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