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The truly frightful appearance when someone is heavily over-tanned and their hair is bleached beyond all reason. It stems from a delusional belief that only excessively tanned skin and blonde hair is attractive.

Can also be abbreviated to Orts for stealthy deployment!
Did you see the state of Jo? She totally looks like an over roasted turkey scarecrow!

Hi Jo, got a bit of an Orts syndrome going on there?
by BlossomG April 03, 2013

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Relating to the the dilapidated and over-processed appearance of a breasts that have been damaged by excessive over-tanning often with further application of fake tan to deepen the colour. A trademark of an ageing Tanorexic.
Sad as it was Jo had to admit her boobs were rather deflated and damaged by her sun-worshiping, looking at them she realised they looked like a couple of Turkey Titzlers

Jamie Oliver knows his stuff mate, you wouldn't want a 30 minute meal from Jo unless you like Turkey Titzlers, if you know what I'm saying...
by BlossomG April 04, 2013

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Mough, pronounced Mawch (ch as in Loch).

A multipurpose word, or omniword, that can be used in place of any other word, similar to thingamajig, thingamabob, whatsit etc.

Can be modified to better fit usage by adding ing, ly, ty, y etc.

A secondary set of modifications are possible using symbols for instance by adding @ to create Mough@, pronounced Mawch-at, from the Scots Maukit meaning dirty or unclean.
Has anyone seen my mough, I can't remember where I put it!

Today has been one mough of a day!

I was just moughing along minding my own business.

You can get to mough with those Turkey Titzlers they are mough@
by BlossomG April 21, 2013

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Exclamation normally addressed at waiters after offering free wine as an incentive to eat at their restaurant!
Waiter : I will chuck in a free bottle of wine if you eat here!

JC : You 'ad me at 'ello!
by BlossomG April 05, 2013

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An omniword is a word that can be used anywhere and/or can have any meaning. It can be used to replace a word for various reasons, ie when the correct word is unpalatable in the present company.
Mough is a word that can be used anywhere, its an omniword. For example What are you looking you mough?

Or when considering the ability for an omniword to replace an unpalatable word - I bet you like it in the mough? Or she's total mough, both occasions replacing cunt.
by BlossomG April 21, 2013

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