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Mough, pronounced Mawch (ch as in Loch).

A multipurpose word, or omniword, that can be used in place of any other word, similar to thingamajig, thingamabob, whatsit etc.

Can be modified to better fit usage by adding ing, ly, ty, y etc.

A secondary set of modifications are possible using symbols for instance by adding @ to create Mough@, pronounced Mawch-at, from the Scots Maukit meaning dirty or unclean.
Has anyone seen my mough, I can't remember where I put it!

Today has been one mough of a day!

I was just moughing along minding my own business.

You can get to mough with those Turkey Titzlers they are mough@
by BlossomG April 21, 2013
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