3 definitions by Blizzardriga

When you make a perfect guess about a topic. When you make a hard read
Kain: Guess how much they make a year?
Tyler: Probably about 150k
Kain: Damn, you get that on draw?
by Blizzardriga December 3, 2019
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A relationship starting and ending with your vacation cruise. This is a widely known phenomenon among cruise personal, singles, and students. Normally one to two week long relationships solely for the purpose of some ocean booty.
John:"Hey Tyler, how was your Caribbean vacation?"
Tyler: "It was great! Sun, sand, and I grabbed myself a cute cruise bae."
by Blizzardriga April 5, 2018
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A super smash brothers term. Predicting exactly what your opponent is gonna do. See on draw
Ryan: How’d you know I was gonna roll?
Tyler: It was a hard read!
by Blizzardriga December 4, 2019
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