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A younger woman over 18 that is attracted to older men.

To define the rest (younger in their 20's, older in their 40's)....

Cougar - An older woman that likes younger guys.
Dingo - A younger man into older women.
Maverick - An older guy into younger women.
Gerbil - An underage girl into older guys.
Yo, my buddy's 46 and his fine ass barracuda girlfriend is only 22...
by Blazeracer December 01, 2009

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When a dude is wearing short shorts at the pool and has a little nut sack hanging out.
Look at the guy with the chewing gum hanging out!!
by Blazeracer July 10, 2008

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The opening of the labia (canoe) with the clitoris slightly protruding (pigeon).
I went down on Suzy and she’s got one nice pigeon canoe.
by Blazeracer May 03, 2018

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