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n. less offensive, shorter version of nigger.
v. to jack; twart.
1. What's up nig?
2. Yeah, I told your little sister to nig you during the concert.
by Blasphemer_0 February 06, 2005

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n. an insult used in the same manner as idiot or moron, but more specifically directed towards persons who have power over your judgement when you don't want them to.

v. the act of using a douche.
No, that is NOT the correct way to play guitar, you stupid douche. I don't care if you have been playing for five years. You've been doing it wrong the entire time.

Go douche yourself woman, then come to me with a valid opinion about NSBM.
by Blasphemer_0 January 24, 2005

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n. A punch to a vagina.
(Title of a Gorgasm song from their 2001 release Bleeding Profusely)
Lenny laid a fisticunt on Tanya for donkey punching him.
by Blasphemer_0 February 06, 2005

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n. a vomit-inducing, hideously deformed mass of a human female.
SWEET SATAN!!!! I can't eat with that ass baby sitting a mere ten feet from me. I can feel my salad comming up.
by Blasphemer_0 January 20, 2005

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v. 1. Past tense of the word own.
2. To have been beaten with exceptional casualties to your ego.
3. To literally have been the property of something else.
1. Veteran: FUCK!!!! *slams forehead into palms*........{pitiful silence}
Beginner: Owned....-_-
2. I owned that nigger for thiry-eight years before he died.
by Blasphemer_0 January 24, 2005

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n. Black Metal

I have never heard or seen it been used any other way.
Anaal Nathrakh is very cult bm.

No, dumbfuck, Marilyn Manson is not bm.
by Blasphemer_0 February 09, 2005

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