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(adj.) Used to describe someone who, despite being given lucrative amounts of money and rewards, decides to whine, complain, and "sit on the sidelines due to a so-called injury" while at work, and sometimes not even come in to work, because he/she feels that everything should be about them. Also, despite the money and rewards they are being given to do their job, this person feels that they have no obligation to actually do the job they're paid for.
Guy 1: It's almost time for this meeting to start. Where's Albert?
Guy 2: I heard he wasn't coming to the meeting.
Guy 1: But isn't this meeting mandatory?
Guy 2: Yeah, but he said that the meeting didn't apply to him as an individual.
Guy 1: It's supposed to be about the team. Albert is so haynesworthless.
by BlackBeltBrewerX June 17, 2010

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