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A young man of dubious sexual orientation who lacks any discernible athletic ability and spends practically all his waking hours seeking the companionship of male athletes.
Jock 1 "Sylvester couldn't make the hoops team, but he never misses a game and shags loose balls and towels so he can get in the locker room. What up wit dat?"

Jock 2 "Don't pay him no mind, he's a jocksniffer. Notice how he's always dropping the soap in the shower?"
by Bippity Bopster July 10, 2008

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The facial hair found between the upper lip and nose of a toothless, homeless person.
Hey sweet cheeks, wanna mushdash ride? Only 10ยข!
by Bippity Bopster August 29, 2008

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A hipster who digs on bop.
Look at that bopster boppin' to the Bird.
by Bippity Bopster January 04, 2008

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1. A devoted follower of a bear featured in the stories of A.A. Milne.

2. Shithead.
1. <Pooh Head> Oh man, I hear Winnie the Pooh just booked some shows in Buffalo! I gotta go on tour!

<Non-Pooh Head> Yeah, right. Whatever. You know, you are such a Pooh Head.

<Pooh Head, singing> Willy Nilly Silly Old Bear.

2. Motherfucking Pooh Head!
by Bippity Bopster March 20, 2010

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(v) To engage in a retail buying frenzy that climaxes with the intensity of sexual ecstasy. Fr. shop + copulate
Britney decided to give up on men and now she just goes to Rodeo Drive to shopulate.
by Bippity Bopster June 16, 2010

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Governor I'd Love to Fuck.
That Sarah Palin is one hot GILF.
by Bippity Bopster August 29, 2008

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Epithet used in reference to Buffalo, New York.
OJ was never the same after he played for Barfalo.
by Bippity Bopster February 23, 2007

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