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Upon finishing the act of sex in a vehicule open the door,knee the girl in the asshole out the door and send her on her way.
After we went parking i gave her the ejector seat to get rid of her
by BILLY LEBLANC April 16, 2004
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When fingering a girl, stick your two index fingers in her vagina, in a rapid fire motion, therefore creating a "machine gun" efect. Also can be done in the anus with the pinky fingers.
"man that chick was so drunk, she let me machine gun her all night man... both holes!!"
by Billy Leblanc April 26, 2004
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When preforming the sexual act of "the shocker", after you insert the "stink finger" you lick it off, as to "check the oil"
Man, she was so gross but I checked her oil anyways
by Billy Leblanc April 24, 2004
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