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Black person fucks a Jew. Offspring equals Niggajew.
Niggajews are uncommon. I don't know of a single one.
Niggajews are the minorities to the minorities. Gotta give em respect though. I would love to be a niggajew just to say i was a niggajew.
by Billy Buttcrack August 05, 2011

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When a dude rubs his hand(s) on his sweaty ball sac, aproaches someone from behind, and proceeds to wipe the tangy nutjuice all over the unsuspecting face.
Asshole 1: Is it humid, or is it just me?
Asshole 2: No dude, thats a Greasy Ski-mask!
Asshole 2: Fuck you.
by Billy Buttcrack July 28, 2011

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An extremely kinky sexual act, in which fecal matter is wiped all over the chin and up over the lip, creating a goatee of shit.
Asshole 2: Damn dude, I was so hammered last night I gave this total babe a fuckin Chocolate Dip.
Asshole 1: Oh, thats cool I guess. Hey, you got a razor? I feel like a grew a fuckin goatee over night.
Asshole 2: Oh fuck.
by Billy Buttcrack July 28, 2011

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