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Die in a fire

To be in a fire, and die within it.
I hate you, DIAF.
You're stupid, I hope you die in a fire(DIAF)
by Billob May 29, 2006

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A Llamaf is a Lama, just sexier.
Damn, that is one mighty fine Llamaf.
by Billob March 03, 2008

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Celedor Ellesin, also known as "Seally" is quite a large seal. Seally enjoys the taste of many fish and is aroused by fellow male seal genitalia. However, he sometimes participates in the clubbing of female seals. When a female seal is clubbed, he generally celebrates with his fascination of human male genitalia (Often very rare for a seal.)
Celedor Ellesin just tried to club another female seal the other day. He sure enjoys his women beating.
by Billob December 07, 2010

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