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A bonafide daddy butt pirate laying sea pipe. He's bona fide, He's your daddy, He's a pirate, He likes ass, He likes big butts, He cannot lie and likes to lay his sea pipe, He's Bonappasseapipe!
That bonnappaseapipe reamed my ass good last night.
He told them who he is, what he is, told them what he was going to do to them,he doesn't lie, he cannot lie he's a Bonappaseapipe looking for booty, and laying his pipe to any ass that comes his way
by BillLaRocco May 03, 2020

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The largest definition of large! I mean really really really large. It's three times as lrge as any word there is. It is a combination of gigantic, gargantuan, and enormous. " Bill has a gigantunormous penis and Tara knows it!"
"Bill has a gigantunormous penis and Tara knows it!
by BillLaRocco January 11, 2017

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