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An extremely expressive word that can be used in many situations.
On one end of the spectrum, "yeet" can be bellowed with a full, guttural sound whilst lobbing an object furiously to assert authority (great for water balloons and empty containers). On the other hand, "yeet" can be used gently, like the faint brush of a butterfly's wings as it crosses one's lips, as one completes a difficult task (i.e. boss in a difficult game, tough question on a math test).
I bet I can hit that bird with this rock. YEET!
by BiggieBigelow April 09, 2017

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One who refuses to take part in thoughtful political discussion due to an overactive sense of vindication. While this phrase is associated by many with the extreme right, it is also useful for people with moderate right political views to describe the extreme left.

Can also be used as a more general, non-politically loaded term when referring to an effeminate white man.
A lot of cucks write definitions of "cuck" on urbandictionary.com to fulfill their sense of masturbatory arrogance, fueled by repressed self-loathing and a thin-skinned inability to ignore internet insults. Their definitions usually reveal their cuck status by taking a haughty tone and dismissing all users of the word "cuck" as neo-nazis and white supremacists (with atrocious spelling and grammar).
by BiggieBigelow April 09, 2017

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