2 definitions by BigDickPic4u

1. When you are arguing with someone who has a seemingly air-tight argument and you blow a load of philological wisdom into his argument.

2. any kind of come back.

3. A literary ejaculation
Joe: 9/11 was clearly the work of Osama bin Laden (and proceeds to show you undeniable proof) Zack: Oh Yeah, well Jet fuel can't melt through steel beams!

Pat: WTF you ate all of my Nutella!

Asshole who ate his Nutella: WTF dude, Jet fuel can't melt through steel beams ergo I did not eat your Nutella

Chemistry teacher: Mr. Erickson will you please tell the class why covalent bonding is different than ionic bonding.

Andrew: Uh because Jet fuel can't melt through steel beams.
by BigDickPic4u April 3, 2015
When a drunk girl gives a dude a blowjob and barfs on his dong
Dude this girl I met at the brewing co gave me a willoughby chili dog
by BigDickPic4u January 25, 2014