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A highly advanced cybernetic android sent from the future with one goal; to educate the masses with really nice hair.
Mr. Rowan is a knight of malta, a hardcore book reader, and will engage u in any argument, regardless of topic, and win. He can run the speed of sound and if wasnt chained to the earth would leap from building to buidling slaughtering the innocent.
by Big Tobbes February 01, 2008
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A town full of stuck up bitches and retarted assholes. Everybody acts tuff to front for their baby dicks, and wont amount to shit in life because their mommys and daddys buy them everything because their too damn lazy to work for shit.
Living in Audubon is like having your eyes gauged out and fed to the fattest duche-bag pig in town(donny).
by Big Tobbes February 12, 2008
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