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Any community noted for its large gay community and its concomitant celebration of the gay lifestyle to include gay pride parade, chicken hawking, bath houses, sausage festivals, and a gay friendly beauracracy.
San Francisco is fag heaven on planet Earth.
by Big Shirley November 06, 2010
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A fag in denial of his homosexuality, he lives by the credo "it is better to take than to give or receive", and has shit or spit on his dick but cannot perform any sex act for fear of being seen as effeminate. A garden variety predator, common in prison culture.
Rocky wore my pussy out last night, but wouldn't even give me a reach around to show his appreciation, the old bull fag.
by Big Shirley November 26, 2010
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Response to individuals or groups of people who should know better that babble at you in undecipherable or broken English.

Origin: From an old Bugs Bunny cartoon featuring Nature Boy, not Flavor Flav.
ESL User: Hello! blah blah blah-blah Ritz Carlton blah?
You: Unga Bunga Bunga!
by Big Shirley October 30, 2010
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