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the act of milking a womans vagina, using only clitoral stimulation, until it spews enough love fluid to fill the average bar shot glass. usually followed by the injestion of fluid.
punit- damm thats some good tasting syrup
kabz- that aint syrup you donkey, its fukin she-juice
punit- hmmmm tastes like it came from ur momma
kabz- i'll kill ya!!!
by BIG DADDY K April 07, 2005

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Profession. Expert computer hacker that is not only known by their friends, but also by major corporations as a "just in case". Has no loyalty to a person or corporation, but always has a price,i.e. works mostly freelance
Ivalina Rafael managed to hack into the IRS database and change my tax details. I now owe them nothing! That girls a swordfish!
by Big Daddy K April 11, 2006

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the biggest low-life one could be. Usually those with malfunctioning gennitalia and the intelect of a garden rake.
Punit- i wish i could be just like you Kab
Kab- Why u always gotta be such a Bindra
Punit- true story
by BIG DADDY K March 16, 2005

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play on the 50 cent song "P.I.M.P". Everyone knows at leased one G.I.M.P, a person who fronts like he has loads of game but really is the laughing stock of all those who can be asked to notice him.
"Hey there missy, wanna come back to my place and play on my Sega Genisis with me" asked William
"Get outta my face u G.I.M.P. Dont make me get out the pepper spray"
by Big Daddy K April 11, 2006

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