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The greatest game system with the greatest games ever like Final Fantasy, Mega Man 2, And Mega Man 3. To reach a higher level of nes heaven, get the top-loading system with the dogbone controller. Nirvana!!!
Jim: holy crap!!! I got a nes!
Bob: You fag! I got an X-Box! And Halo!!
Jim: Megaman, kill master chief!
Bob: No!!! I had sex with him!
Jim: Megaman kicks ass!
by Big Daddy Cane July 13, 2004

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1.A Nigga that doesn't have time for these hoes

2.Pimp thats about is money

3. True religion shawty
These bitchies love Juan_Hunna
by Big daddy cane February 15, 2014

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Awsome song By Halocaust. Covered by metallica in one of the best metal albums ever, Master Of Puppets
Bob:Master Of Pupets is the best Metallica Song Ever!
Jim: It's A Halocaust cover, idiot
by Big Daddy Cane March 13, 2005

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