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1.Metallica's 3rd album, considered by some to be the greatest metal album ever. It was also Cliff Burton's last album with Metallica (He died in a tour buss accident shortly after completing the album).
2. The title track of the above album. Probably Metallica's most famous song. The lyrics are about Drug Addiction, refering to the drug (most likely cocaine) as "Master".
by Metal Head June 22, 2004
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Master of Puppets is Metallica's third album. It was released in 1986, which is the same year that bassist Cliff Burton died in a tragic bus accident on September 27th. Master of Puppets includes Battery, Master of Puppets, The Thing That Should Not Be, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Disposable Heroes, Leper Messiah, Orion, and Damage Inc. It is arguiably one of Metallica's best albums.
''Master of puppets, I'm pulling your strings, twisting your mind and smashing your dreams. Blinded by fear, you can't see a thing. Just call my name 'cause I'll hear you scream: master, master! Just call my name 'cause I'll hear you scream: master, master!''
by 62Orion86 September 29, 2005
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By far, Metallica's best album. Every one of the songs is a kickass metal song. Every one of the songs would be the number one song on any other Metallica album (except for the black album and ride the lightning). Of course, master of puppets is a quality song...but
1. Battery
2. (already mentioned) Master of Puppets
3. The Thing That Should Not Be
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5. Disposable Heroes
6. Leper Messiah
7. Orion (an orgasmic instrumental)
8. Damage, Inc.

are eight of the best songs ever. period.
by METAL HEALTH! November 17, 2005
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Literally the rapest song of all time, from the acclaimed Metallica album "Master of Puppets". The song features fast paced down-plucking, heavy riffs, and a complex and lightning fast solo. The lyrics of this song are the stuff of legend.
That was Master of Puppets my friend.
by The Last One Crouching May 27, 2010
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Metallica album released in March of 1986. Last album recorded with Cliff Burton, who passed away in a bus accident while on tour in October of that year.
Track list:
"Master of Puppets"
"The Thing That Should Not Be"
"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
"Disposable Heroes"
"Leper Messiah"
"Orion (Instrumental)"
"Damage, Inc."

Master of Puppets is known to be the best Metallica album of all time.
"Dude, Master of Puppets was the BEST Metallica album ever! Rest in peace, Cliff Burton!"
by Miss Metallica 2005 February 03, 2005
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Metallica's third album released in early 1986 that is the definition of good thrash metal music, even heavy metal as a whole. It is impossible to hate a single song on that album if you have your head in the right place. Then Metallica started to sink afterwards with subsequent albums going more towards a hard rock sound totally changed from where they came.
You cannot beat Metallica, you never have, you never will, deal with it! Master of Puppets rules all!
by SEY February 01, 2008
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