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Also known as DIPT, diisopropyltryptamine is a psychedelic hallucinogenic drug of the tryptamine family that has the unique effect of screwing up your hearing more than visions. More of an audial effect, can cause ear ringing and sound distortion and tinnitus.
everything sounded so weird after that DIPT i took last night.
by BexST January 04, 2006

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A boy a girl will get with because it will make her look good.
A trophy boy is a boy a girl will hook up or sleep with because although she may not have feelings for him, he is extremely hot and it will look good on her reputation.
If a grade 9 girl were to get with a grade 12 guy, he would be her trophy boy.
Not that there is such a thing as just casual sex for a girl...unless she's a slut because then it's for money.
Jealous Bitch: That grade 10 girl has a boyfriend in university. I bet she doesn't even like him, she's such a slut, he's probably just another one of her trophy boys.

Gossip Queen: Dude, did you hear? That grade 9 girl fucked a grade 12 boy!
Other Girl: Wow, that must be some trophy boy for her!
by BexST February 07, 2006

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the singular form of trophy boys.
he was her trophy boy.
by BexST April 10, 2006

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