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A submissive slut who does it all in bed, is subservient, super hot, doesn't care that you're married, and has an awesome down-to-earth personality. Outside of the bedroom, she's very classy and intelligent and someone you can easily be friends with. Inside the bedroom, she'll do her best to please her Daddy.
As Nick was showering, Beatrice was preparing to send him off with a sandwich and juicebox. When Nick came out of the shower and saw his slut waiting with a smile and his food, he thought to himself, "damn, I'm one lucky motherfucker. She sucked my cock, licked my ass, got on all fours for me to fuck her, hung out with me afterwards, and now cooked for me...AND she's fucking HOT! She's not just some slut. She's a slassisut!"
by BelASSis April 11, 2013
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When a man gets on all fours and spreads his asscheeks apart revealing his asshole. With the buttcheeks representing the large ears, the asshole as the one eye, and the hanging cock as the trunk, the lucky viewer gets an image of an elephant with one eye.
Nick: Hey wanna see a one-eyed elephant?
Slut: Sure Daddy.
Nick: There it is. Now tongue that ass like you do so well.
by BelASSis February 17, 2013
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A slut who gives you hopes of a good fuck, only to cancel on you last minute causing the excess cum produced from anticipated sex to be bottled up. This leads to balls swelling to the size of a grapefruit.
Guy1: "Bro, my balls hurt from hanging heavy. My slut bailed out on me again."

Guy2: "That slut's fucked up."

Guy1: "Nah bro, she's cool. She can just be a real cumstopper sometimes though."
by BelASSis February 2, 2013
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