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any bitch that will almost phone fuck, ass fuck, real time
fuck any loser on the web.
if a married guy does it..they are considered marshalled which is really a insult to any classy babe. But then again, you dont find much class in chat rooms.
hey babe...my name is lawrence.
hey..my name is (fill it in) but I fuck on the first date
or will phone fuck you now. I dont care if your married or ugly or a drunk. lets fucking party. I'm nothing but a cheap ass chat whore. will fuck for a smile
by been there, done that November 28, 2005

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a bitch who will go anywhere to fuck a married man. Usually the bedtime fun will be in cheap hotels, road trips with her man and of course the blow job in the alley behind his house while the wife sleeps. The alley fucker can easily be found in most chat rooms.
I got my slut coming over for a fuck. She is one nasty alley fucker. will suck at work (parking garage) and will show her ass for a smile.She will believe anything I say...what a alley fucker !
by been there, done that November 29, 2005

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A woman who performs oral sex on a man or men, particularly on an ongoing or regular basis, where the oral sex is the primary dimension to the relationship.
John: "Man, I need a milkmaid who can drain my balls a couple of times a week."
Randy: "Why not place an ad on Craigslist for that?"
by Been There, Done That May 09, 2012

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a married guy that cruises chat rooms looking for single women. He will usually say that his wife cheats and sniff sniff, why dont you suck my cock since my wife is doing that to someone else or baby oh baby. I love you so much and lets ass fuck since my wife quit having sex with me years ago.
The married guy usually has to find a new loser every two years.
Hey ! Did you hear about Lawrence. That guy got some new pussy by marshalling some chick by telling her the wife cheats, I will marry you...you are such a fox....this is fate. HA HA...he marshalled her ass all right. She swallows that cum. she gives up that pussy cheap.
by been there, done that December 06, 2005

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