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A Chanukah menorah.

Named as such for its beauty, compared to viola instrument music.
The lights of the viola are beautiful
by Bed time December 16, 2009

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A member of the Republican Party, derogatory.

Pronounced with an accent on the "re" to mimic other similar-sounded derogatory terms, such as retard.
I hope we can vote these repubs out of office.

That damn repub!

Those repubs have really screwed up the economy.

This real stupid repub is making a mess out of our society.
by Bed Time December 03, 2009

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Refers specifically to eviction from rented residential property for failing to pay rent.

Occasionally, landlords will warn their tenants who are behind on rent with this euphemistic term.
The landlord is going to "pinch" the tenant for not paying rent.

During the recession, lots of people cannot afford their rent, so they are being "pinched."

He is behind on his rent; therefore, he is facing "pinching."

According to some interpretations, the song "Pinch Me" by the "Barenaked Ladies" uses this term with this meaning. The narrarator is unemployed and cannot pay his rent, and he is resigning himself to his inevitable fate of homelessness.
by Bed Time November 29, 2009

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A traffic camera, in the eyes of those who hate them and think the state is out to make money off of them.

"Scamera" is a portmanteau of SCAM and CAMera. (It could also be a portmanteau of Speed and CAMERA).
I got slapped by a SCAMERA!!!
by Bed time March 16, 2010

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An urgent situation in which homicide or potential homicide is involved.

Portmanteau of "emergency" and "murder."
When a gunman walked in and started shooting, it was an emurdergency.
by Bed time November 30, 2009

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A skirt with a front fly paired with a button or snap, belt loops, and front or back pockets, resembling a typical pair of pants.

Named as such because they are frequently worn to work by women working in positions held mostly by women, as opposed to other types of skirts that are worn in occupations held by a lot of men.

Most jean skirts are job skirts.
She just loves to wear job skirts.
by Bed time March 22, 2010

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