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A literary masterpiece featuring potato plants, women noisily donating cows to zoos, the beauty of math, and the enchanting love story of one translator(!) named Gen and one Mr. Hosokawa. Not to mention a philosophical debate about the attractiveness of an ancient man and Petrarch refuting it and Jimi Hendrix with an arm sling. Let's just hope you remember how to write in cursive.
Have you ever seen a cow? (this is for the future generations, they're losing touch with nature)
What is cow
I want my kids to know that potatoes have a plant part. OH GOD PROCESSED FOODS.
Oh such math.
Coffee or orange juice?
Genkawa, do you ship it?
Only true 90's kids will remember Form W.
by Becca G. October 18, 2013
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Is only used when an individual, using strong caution, decides to threaten another individual with a court case.
Jim: "imma slap a bitch"
by Becca G. July 7, 2008
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Breaking up after a number of years as a successful band and coming back a few years later with a bang. Fall Out Boy resurrected in April 2013 just when people were giving up hope of their comeback. It has been really good for publicity and they are now more popular than ever.
Let's just hope MCR is just pulling a Fall Out Boy and isn't breaking up for good.
by Becca G. November 8, 2013
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