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The type of guy that will do anything for the girl he loves. Owen will make a girl feel like a princess, he is a girl's "dream guy". He makes a girl very lucky to have him. When he loves, he loves with all his heart and, in return, is adored by the one he loves. Owen is the guy that a girl would want to spend her whole life with.
I Love Owen.
by Beb October 29, 2012

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A word my friend Chaelon made up. It is somewhat self-descriptive I think. It means "bad", "ugly", "unpleasant", "gross"

If describing someones hair, the conjugation is "lanch"
"Damn, that dudes acne was really garch!"

"This 3 day old pizza is getting really garch"

"I forgot to comb my hair today and it is looking rather lanch"
by BEB July 02, 2004

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The Act of Placing an Ass in One's Mouth and Salivating it Like it Ain't No Shit.
"Man, That Was Totally Suckass."
by beb February 07, 2003

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