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A combination of ramen Noodles, chili cheese fritos, and hot cheetos, loved by all inmates of the adams county detention center in Adams County, CO.
Convict #1 You got any chili fritos?
Convict #2 Yeah
Convict Lets combine our shit to make a spread
by Beat Jackin December 05, 2007

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A girl you would not normally take home, but you are forced because it is closing time at the bar, and their is no more options
That girl is a closing time.
by Beat Jackin August 27, 2007

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A females thighes that are fat and greasy like french fries
Can i get in between them thries?
by Beat Jackin August 29, 2007

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A gun, refered to as a 4 pounder because most guns typically weigh 4 pounds
Dont make me get the four pounders.
by Beat Jackin August 28, 2007

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A women who is addicted to dick(kind of like a crackhead)
you addicted to dick, so you a dick head
by Beat Jackin August 28, 2007

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