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Very drunk.
Last night we got really torqued.
by Beastie September 21, 2003

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A fuckin private school boy goin to an all boy school, usually a border, who thinks hes so top shit and never takes of his boater (fancy straw hat thing) and always wears his tie and blazer and top button done up even when its like 40degrees C. Strutts around as if the fuckin class system was still in place and refers to others of lower financial standing as 'plebs' or 'peasants'. Usually lives in some fancy-pants suburb like valcluse or mosman and goes to riverveiw, shore or cranbrook. Should all be killed with a sharp stick.
"Dude dyou see that Cranbrook boy?...hes such a ponce...i mean for gods sakes its saturday, he could at least take of his boater!!"
by Beastie May 06, 2005

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