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Acronym means: What The Fuck Is This Shit Oh No Charles Got My Head

said in a time of massive confusion, or anger
1: You muckfluck He did what!?


2: are you okay

1: GFY!
by Beanerous Brokus I August 18, 2006
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Someone who is so ghetto, they cant even spell it.
"Did you just pour the milk into the empty chocolate syrup container and stick an ice cube in it!?? eww you guetto..."
by Beanerous Brokus I July 13, 2008
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Sentence Enhancer- used to make any word or set of words more exciting or can be used to replace a group of words or emotions. Can be negative or positive depending on the tone of voice.

Derrivatives: phophylacticly, phophylactical
"I'm not happy, I'm Phophylactic!" - Snoop Dog playing "Jeffrey" in Doggy Fizzle Televizzle

Q- How are you feeling?
A- Phophylactic!" -positive

Q- How are you feeling,
A- Im phophylactic, just leave me alone. -negative

King Kurry VII - How was the test?
Beanerous Brokus I - It was phophylactic -negative
Beanerous Brokus I- It was phophylacticly bad - negative but used as adjective
by Beanerous Brokus I July 14, 2006
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1. (n) Doctors writting
2. (v) to write very sloppy
3. (adj) in the manner of a doctor
King Kurry VII- That looks like Chineese, is that Clerical script or cursive script?
Beanerous Brokus I- No its my doctors note, its written in shit script.

Beanerous Brokus I- Wow that is the greatest sentence ever, I dont care if its legible, Ima shit script it before I forget.

Beanerous Brokus I - Man I hate reading his papers, he has shit script wrtting
by Beanerous Brokus I May 30, 2006
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(v) Aviator slang meaning to fixate yourself on something to the point where you loose track of your surroundings. Literally to boresight means to line up the axis of a gun with its sights or to line up other avionics such as a HUD or an ILS. The term refers to the fact that the pilot fixates himself on his sight trying to shoot down an enemy and does not notice what is going on around him, and can have potentally devastating consequeses if he fails to recognize threats around him.

In a general sense, to tell someone that they are boresighting means that they are too focused on something and need to look around and see what is going on.
P1: He's in my sights... 300 yards... he's not getting away

P2: Dont Boresight theres a bogey at 6

P1: Oooh craaaaaaaap

or in a civilian environment

PI: lemme get this one done... im nearly there
P2: Dont boresight you have 34 more to finish
by Beanerous Brokus I January 14, 2007
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Any arbitrarily taken holiday or unoficial vacation. Usually celebrated in schools but can be celebrated during any other event. The day consists of taking the day off from school, work, etc and just having fun.
Steven-Hey are you coming to school tomorrow?

Beanerous Brokus I - No, Im cellebrating yadnuf tomorrow

Steven - ooh i didnt know you were jewish

Beanerous Brokus I - Im not you muckfluck!
by Beanerous Brokus I July 20, 2006
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A dumbass, or stupid person. Usually said after a stupid remark.
King Kurry VII: I was at the haircut store when...
Beanerous Brokus I: You mean the barber shop you muckfluck

King Kurry VII: That Open latte was phophylactic
Beanerous Brokus I: You muckfluck the sign says Open Late
by Beanerous Brokus I December 11, 2005
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