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The goof to end all goofs, this bboy comes from Maryland. He started bboying at a young age, but tragedy struck when he had to have chest surgery, seemingly ending his career early. But the goofy one kept his head up and became stronger than ever. Now a member of the legendary Lions of Zion and Battle Snakes, Goofball has proven himself over the years to be not only a competitor and legend of bboying, but a well needed jokester in an all to serious culture.
Bboy 1: Yo, who's that throwing down an atomic floating kneespin?
Bboy 2: Why none other than ATOMIC GOOFBALL!
by Bboy Maestro February 08, 2010
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Akin to a party foul, 4 A.M fouls are offenses against your friends, strangers and even yourself. Accumulating too many 4 A.M fouls will usually end with either a.) a severe warning by a friend or aware citizen or b.) an arrest by an officer of the law.
4 A.M Foul #21: Mailbox baseball in your own neighborhood

4 A.M. Foul #40: Entering a bar at 4 A.M already drunk.

4 A.M Foul #3: Waking up in your best friend's bed after a drunken night together and puking all over him/her.
by Bboy Maestro June 01, 2010
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Variation of the infamous "Shoop da Whoop", very similar in trajectory force and facial expression. Begins as a normal deuce, quickly a-chargin' in the bowels, the rectum states "I'M A FIRIN MY DEUCE!" at the height of the moment.
Stall 1: hey can you pass me some tp?
STALL 2:POOP DA WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!ONE
by Bboy Maestro February 18, 2010
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