3 definitions by Bartholeweed

A shitty twitch streamer who bums fortnite and makes way too much money off of it
Person 1: I watch Ninja play Fortnite
Person 2: F**K off and die
by Bartholeweed May 11, 2018
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The name used to refer to salty and toxic silver players in CS:GO. These people will usually spam the chat with the intention of aggrivating the other team.
CTs: *Wins 7 rounds in a row*
Ts: *clutches 1 round*
T: Ez Ez Ez u mad? :DD
CTs: Savage Silvers
by Bartholeweed October 05, 2018
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A casual, cheeky greeting used by the most chill dudes.
Person 1: *Approaches Friend*
Person 1: Oh alright mate?
by Bartholeweed March 08, 2018
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