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Someone who has been given oral sex, but not full intercourse.
"I'm a half-virgin!"
by Barry Bright October 17, 2004

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wal-mart - That's where it started. The rednecks let the "wal-marts" come into their towns and destroy the local businesses and provide customers to factories in foreign countries that put local factories out of business.

"I'm goin' to the wal-marts store." That's how a lot of them say it and even write on their checks.
I just tell people I'm going to the redneck mecca because I despise them, which I rarely do anymore. And I once was a committed customer like all the other rednecks until one of their "manager trainees" told me it's against their "corporate policy" to hand out a single business card to another customer or one of their "associates".
by Barry Bright December 28, 2003

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urban or suburban dweller with no common sense, clue or concept of reality; expects the police to "protect" them; believes in dialing 911 rather than arming themselves to protect their home or property even though the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled numerous times that the police are not there to protect us due to liability reasons; wants law enforcement to disarm the populace because they're too cowardly to take back their own streets and communities from drug dealers and gang bangers; thinks their food comes from the supermarket and wouldn't hurt a little furry creature; sees nothing but concrete and asphalt all day and thus believes "environmental" propaganda that leads to destruction of private property rights and rural lifestyles; donates money to "environmental" and "conservation" groups who ultimately want to destroy all property rights including those of city and suburban dwellers; have never seen a new freedom or Liberty destroying law that they don't like because it will make them "feel" safer; would vote for the devil himself if he promised to A. send them a govt. check, B. soothe their false conscience by electing someone to hire someone to stick a gun in their neighbor's face because they claim they feel sorry for someone else, C. make them feel "safe" by disarming their neighbors who do have the courage to defend their own lives and property; believes all the stereotypical propaganda they've ever heard about gun totin' four-wheel-drive ownin' rednecks.
That map of presidential election results in 2002 showed clearly that the citiots overwhelmingly supported Al Gore while the rural people, who still have some common sense and values, voted for Dubya.
by Barry Bright December 29, 2003

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