2 definitions by Barak Shelef

Possibly the most worthless channel in the whole SwiftIRC IRC network. It's usually infested with poorniggers and other assortments of niggers. Note though, it has a single active female user, 2 males, 5 12-YOs and the rest are niggers.
Where the hell is mark? - Did you look for him in CryptIRC? - Yes, goddammit, where's that poornigger?!
by Barak Shelef June 26, 2008
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Also known as Dargon Maec. The Wrecking crew. A channel in the SwiftIRC IRC Network.

An outgrowth of members from cryptirc who aren't fags, and less niggerish than them. Namely, not bliz.

The channel consists of all kinds of religions: Jews, Christians and people who really like Firefox.

You can usually find Amy in the channel. she's cheap.
man1:who's on dmaec?
man2:and Amy.
man1:She's cheap.
by Barak Shelef July 16, 2008
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