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An affliction suffered by Justin Beiber wannabes who have the same haircut and have to keep their head tilted to one side to achieve the Beiber fringe.
See that dude with the neck-brace, he's got Beiber neck. He spent the last 6 months with his head tilted to the left flicking his fringe, now his neck's f#cked!
by Bar-M Badger May 15, 2011
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The act of falling asleep with your head between a womans legs while performing cunnilingus, usually when tired through excessive alcohol intake.
Howay man, I was so drunk last night I fell asleep while I was eatin' some bird's pussy oot. She slapped me on me heed to wake us from ma twatnap.
by Bar-M Badger January 18, 2010
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The name given to the current popular genre of pseudo folk music by bands who sing in fake Irish accents.
An amalgamation of faux and folk meaning a fake folk band.
Hey, have you heard that new fauk band, Mumford & Sons? They sound like they're from Hazzard County but they're actually from Wimbledon, SW London!!!
by Bar-M Badger May 15, 2011
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Irish Pimms is the name given to the popular drink of Guinness with a dash of blackcurrant cordial added.
Good day landlord, a pint of Irish Pimms please.
by Bar-M Badger May 26, 2010
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