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The act of falling asleep with your head between a womans legs while performing cunnilingus, usually when tired through excessive alcohol intake.
Howay man, I was so drunk last night I fell asleep while I was eatin' some bird's pussy oot. She slapped me on me heed to wake us from ma twatnap.
by Bar-M Badger January 18, 2010
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Derogatory expression for a lady's sanitary towel or tampon. Usually seen on 'that week' during each month on the bathroom windowsill.
Fred: "how did last night go wit dat bitch?"
Colin: "Alright, but when i went to the pisser, i saw
she had the twat naps out, so i leapt out the window and ran for my life.
by 'Mad' Davey C September 07, 2006
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