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When the girth of the shit you took is as much or more than the girth of a soda can. Initially Very painful and will remain sore for days after. Has been known to tear ones bung hole leaving a bloody rip that requires stitches
I had to rush my girlfriend to the ER last night. She recie8ved 12 stitches from a violater she was holding in til we got home
by Bananzalone May 08, 2020
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This is when you take a monster shit and in fact so monstrous that your asshole was stretched out more than it's ever been and you are in serious pain for at least two hours after and you see blood streaks on the toilet paper after you have wiped
Damn man after dinner last night my guts were hurting and I had to drop a double duece. I had to stand the rest of the night cuz my asshole hurt so bad I couldnt sit down.
by Bananzalone April 20, 2018
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