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These are extremely Christian individuals who strive to spread the word of God to others. By "spread", it means shoving it down other peoples throats.
These individuals can often be found reciting Bible verses. They will try to baptise, chastise, and flood any unsuspecting persons with God's glorious word.
They live lives emersed in the Bible and preaching its teachings and think everyone else should too.
Lastly, if you see/meet anyone fitting these characteristics, run. Run as far and as fast as you can.
Get away you bible bangers! I have a lot of malice and at least a few oozies...

Look! Those bible bangers are speaking in tongues!
by Bananafish June 28, 2005

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To reverse the car and back into a parking space. Parents usually do this because they go to many unnecessary means to be safer for kids.
Ha ha, you parent parked? That's awesome.
by Bananafish June 28, 2005

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1. To be useful and convenient in a difficult situation.

2. Slang for "handicapped". It can be used when describing any person who has down syndrome, cerebral paulsy, or is involved in a Special Ed program. Not demeaning, simply a shortened term.
1. Wow, the tool shed is all fixed now thanks to Jack. He is SO handy!

2. Don't smoke in front of the handies!
by Bananafish June 28, 2005

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