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The act of evenly distributing creamy Jif peanut butter all over your ball sack and having your dog slurp it off your nuts while you beat your cock like it owes you money.
Nick was rushed to the hospital after his dog mistakenly bit his nut clean out of his sack.. he clearly should have not been Jiffin it.
by Balls Deep369 March 30, 2009

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An accidental incident where a female that is wearing s skirt with no pannies is leaning over on her chair and mistakenly falls to the ground. While on the way down she exposes her Vag to the entire class.
Rachel took quite a fall but that was some good Flying V action right there.. im gonna go beat it while remembering that image in my head.
by Balls Deep369 April 01, 2009

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To wonder off quickly when around a group of people due to an instant urge to get a nut, and hide while rapidly beating your talllywacker (cock) until you blow your load.
Dude where the hell is nick I just saw him? What a faggot hes probably getting a quickbeat in the closet again, lets go throw shit at him.
by Balls Deep369 March 30, 2009

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