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When somebody makes a lot of annoying, unnecessary noise.

1. Thumping when walking around a house.
2. Yelling.
3. Bumping into things making lots of noise.

*Somebody bangs on a door* "Dang you tryin to put some extra bass in it?"

"Whats with all the extra bass?"
by Baller Status April 15, 2008

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To be sitting in a started car at a stop sign, or the middle of the street for longer than usual.

Usually talking to someone, buying drugs, just watching people, looking for things in their car.

This usually happens in ghetto areas.
1."Dang bruh, dey been sittin fa like 5 minutes."

2."Why have they been sittin for so long"
by Baller Status April 15, 2008

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For a female to have large breasts, only because she is/they are fat.

The size of a girl's breasts are "sponsored" by the fat.
1."Her boobs are huge dude!" "Yeah but she's totally sponsored."

2."Dude her tits are sponsored." "Haha! Yeah I know."
by Baller Status March 19, 2008

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