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A term frequently repeated in The Beatle's advant-garde track
Revolution 9. The significance of this line baffles musicologists to this day.
"Number nine is my favorite number because The Beatles said it a lot."
by Badusername99 April 28, 2010
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Initialism for "Fuck it let's do it." Used as motivation to do a project (music, art, writing, whatever) and put it into the world.

Originally used by the great vlogger Ze Frank.
Person 1: I'm not really sure how this project will go. I wonder if anyone will like it...?
Person 2: Don't worry about that, just get your FILDI on!
by Badusername99 May 14, 2012
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1: What's up?
2: Nunnit, what about you?
by Badusername99 March 11, 2011
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It makes us all its bitches
Without physics humans could fly, but, alas, we are all its bitches
by Badusername99 October 30, 2011
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One of the best and most beautiful musical groups in the history of human civilization. Though others here have described it as "rock," this description would be selling it short. Sigur Ros is really a mix of postmodernism and classical music with singing and the occasional guitar thrown in. In fact, Sigur Ros is almost it's own genre of music, as there is truly nothing else like it (though bands such as Radiohead have been influenced by it).

Agaetis Byrjun is their second and best album, and it incorporates the widest range of styles and ideas, though their other albums are great as well. All of their music is sung in Icelandic (except for their song "All Alright," which is obviously in English and () which was sung in a made up language called "Hopelandic") yet it is still more enjoyable than a good chunk of music sung in English.

Unfortunately, Sigur Ros is currently on hiatus, though Jonsi has released some solo music, so it's not all bad.
I cringe whenever Itunes describes Sigur Ros's music as Alternative/Punk.
by Badusername99 May 19, 2010
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