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to use a numerous amount of ellipses in a sentence or sentences when responding to someone via text and capitalizing entire words for unnecessary emphasis
Sender of message: I... would LIKE to get to know you... if you're interested... please MESSAGE me...if you want...thanks...
Recipient of message: Wow - really captain kirking this aren't you.
by Bad_Idea_Fairy January 13, 2015
The facial expression a pet/child uses on you to quietly guilt trip you into giving them a treat/snack
You: *sigh* Jeez, Fluffy don't give me the UNICEF eyes I JUST fed you!
by Bad_Idea_Fairy January 13, 2015
A more crass term to describe the job of someone who works with the Geriatric community; particularly in the Dementia department of a hospice care company
by Bad_Idea_Fairy January 13, 2015
"TheOatmeal" online comics
"That guy who calls a meeting to avoid doing actual work. He never shuts up, challenges every opinion and opens just about EVERYTHING up for debate. He thinks he's helping but he's really just mindlessly shrieking into the jungle"
Person 1: Shit we have a meeting today at five with that ass hole Jim
Person 2: Oh you mean that Howler Monkey?
Person 1: Yup
Person 2: FACK
by Bad_Idea_Fairy January 16, 2015